Newtown Slaughter: Dire Aspects



Whatever the motives of Adam Lanza, the Newtown school mass-murderer, he certainly was acting under dire aspects. According to New Hampshire public records, he was born April 22, 1992, in Kingston, New Hampshire, and although his exact time is not yet public, even a noon chart looks sufficiently afflicted to make any 20-year-old feel less than stable the morning of December 14. His progressed Sun was opposite Pluto, and transiting Pluto was likely close to his Moon (exact in a noon chart) and it was likely his lunar return as well, adding to the intensity. Capping it, Uranus (square Pluto) had just made its station right on his Mercury the day before, so he was primed for a go on enacting rash plans, already pumped by Mars transiting his Uranus/Neptune the day before that.

The school shootings occurred at 9:40 AM with Mars, Moon, and Pluto already risen into the twelfth house, but the earlier shooting of his mother, beginning the morning’s rampage, probably happened right with that ensemble clustered the Ascendant. The Moon and Pluto were further a part of a yod with Saturn and Jupiter, which only raised the pressure level all around.

Worldwide, this wasn’t a good day or so for kids, as likely more died in Syria (where there are even more weapons in circulation than in America) that same day, and the day before, and the day before that. Even in China, there was a crazed attack on twenty-two schoolkids but the man who did it was only wielding a knife, not guns, so no one was killed, just badly cut up. But it’s been part of a recent pattern of cleaver attacks on schools there, so the government has actually temporarily regulated sale of large knives to discourage it, while gun sales still boom unchecked in the U.S. which is, however, still behind Syria in the speed of general armament…

Let us hope the coming Jupiter skies finally push past all this and deliver a more generous Yuletide to us all…in the meantime, hug your kids, and your parents, and check your own chart…and if you’re feeling the planetary pressure, better reach for the eggnog…!

2 Responses to Newtown Slaughter: Dire Aspects

  1. [...] John Townley has posted the charts of Adam Lanza along with a brief analysis of the event.  One thing I noticed right away about Lanza’s chart was the exact conjunction of Uranus and Neptune.  The Uranus/Neptune conjunction in the early 1990s was a hugely significant planetary event that opened up portals of consciousness and inspired radical (Uranus) spirituality (Neptune) that often veered into delusion (also Neptune).  The New Age movement, for example, exploded during this period.  Uranus and Neptune were both in Capricorn, the sign of structures and solid foundations – under the Uranus/Neptune conjunction we saw the radical transformation (Uranus) and dissolving (Neptune) of personal structures that underpin our lives such as marriages, relationships, businesses. [...]

  2. Bill Egan says:

    First thing I looked for was Natal Mars/Pluto midpoint and there was conjunct N Uranus and N Neptune and Transit Mars coming through

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