The Point Of Passion

Mars and Venus discovered by the godsOne of the problems with using midpoints in a chart is there are so many of them, at least 72 just for the basics. And, when you’re doing synastry, there are twice as many to look at, literally cluttering the skyscape. What are the first ones to look at, the most important branches of the tree to inspect before getting lost in the leaves and twigs?


That depends on what subjects you want to focus on in the nativity, of course, but the five basic planetary pairs and their basic qualities are a good place to start:


Sun/Moon, primal – Sometimes called the “Karmic Ascendant,” this is the center of the inner child, the strongest axis in the chart, combining the fundamental ego (Sun, self outwardly projected) and the emotions (Moon, self as responsive mode). It represents preverbal development as the child after birth learns the shortest repeating cycles in the first two or three years after birth. You’ll find its degree prevalent among close friends and family.


Venus/Mars, physical – This is where desire (Venus) meets action (Mars) and together they make up not only the sexual nature but the charisma (or lack of it) that comes from being able to achieve your goals or be conflicted about them. You find it in your lovers, both real and unrequited, and your general passion for life.


Jupiter/Saturn, social – This fundamentally societal axis doesn’t really kick off until the first Jupiter return, and ultimately the first Saturn return, but it still exerts influence across the board, representing the balance between social and economic change and advancement (Jupiter) with stability and enduring values (Saturn). It’s the key to your income.


Uranus/Neptune, spiritual – It’s a bit of a stretch to call this axis “spiritual” as that term is so multiply-defined, but it has to do with longer-range goals (Neptune) and defining understanding and achievements (Uranus) that most people don’t even see a full cycle of just one. Thus, it’s about yearnings and longings and visions that transcend the individual or even his/her generation in favor of greater historical evolution. It drives the beliefs that you would live or die for.


Mercury/Pluto, structural – Not everyone would make this duo a complimentary pair, with two cycles so different in length. But, it is the contrast of developing structure and organization (Mercury) and the destruction of what has been created (Pluto), the paragons of childhood learning and death of all one has constructed, literally or figuratively. It’s your sometimes terrifying handle on stark, immutable reality.


 The midpoints of these pairs are particularly strong meeting points of yin and yang, outgoing and intaking style, and any third planet that falls there highlights the fundamental character dynamic, both when it is within your natal chart or from another’s natal to your own. Treating them all could (and may) be the subject of a series of articles, but for the moment, the most immediately attention-grabbing pair serves as an example:


Venus and Mars, the “point of passion”


It’s well-known that where Venus and Mars meet tells much of the tale of your sexuality, and your reaction to that of others. As a conjunction, Venus and Mars together show up disproportionately in the charts of people in show business, politics, the military, industry management, and other areas where compelling personal magnetism and charisma are critical to success. People with that aspect just have a sparkle and effulgent energy that’s almost palpable. You get stimulated just being in their presence. The reason? Perhaps because any cycle of progressions or transits hits both their Venus and Mars at the same time, so desire and action go hand in hand, and they just naturally get what they want just by reaching for it, something that at times can appear almost magical, although it may be totally circumstantial. It means that for them it’s all right and indeed customary to get what they want, ask for more, and get it again. And, when it’s not available, because of an adverse transit, they don’t even want it.  So different from individuals with Venus and Mars in square or opposition, where hesitation and disappointment make for lack of confidence, bad timing, shyness, or even bumbling. Not that the style can’t be made to work for you, but it takes more effort and some painful mistakes along the way.


Whatever your relationship of Venus and Mars, or even if you haven’t any major aspect between them, what’s on their midpoint will kick them into action according to the added planet involved. So, people with the Sun or Ascendant as the midpoint of Venus and Mars tend to be particularly self-obsessed or even narcissistic, as they are literally getting off on their own ego/personality or reflection in the mirror. No fault (though it can be off-putting), and often it’s quite a charming effect, as it’s just the way it feels to them, and they get rewarded for it. Jupiter there has an ebullient effect, producing a large appetite for sex and life in general. Planets traditionally looked upon as malefics tend to tamp down sexuality or give a strong, controlling or compulsive aspect to personal needs and gratification. Such people can be highly-charged and even dangerously attractive or repulsive, depending upon how they are exercising their preferences and upon whom.


Inflame and Melt


In synastry, the effect can sometimes be even more telling. When you meet someone with Ascendant or the Lights on your Venus/Mars, that person can enflame and melt you on the spot, without either of you even knowing why. They literally awake your inner passion – not just sexual, but total life energy and attraction. It’s definitely what great love affairs are made of, and it can be as effective a bond as the more traditional Light-on-Light marriage aspect. On the other hand, if that’s the only contact, it can make for merely transient affair or, quite oppositely, lasting but largely unrequited love. Similarly, a marriage without any Venus-Mars contact may be a great friendship but without a sexual core – or, either or both may pursue sexuality and/or life passions elsewhere.


Transits and progressions have their place as well. A transit of Pluto to your Venus/Mars midpoint axis can shut down the dynamic only to have it blossom in a new form after the transit has past. Jupiter crossing the axis, on the other hand, can bring new life where it was dormant and cause positive new ground to be broken. Those with Venus/Mars at the winter or summer solstice areas have been getting a taste of both lately.


Even locational astrology is useful in taking full advantage of this midpoint. Areas where your Venus/Mars is on the Angles will tend to have a special magnetism for you, and when you go there, you’ll feel your feet rise a bit above the ground as the energy of the place incites and excites you, carrying you along. Go there and be thrilled.


Deep Background – Your Magical Spot


The developmental aspects of Venus and Mars are critically important as well. The process of learning how to get (Mars) what you want (Venus) begins with the first Mars return (initializing the “terrible twos”) and evolves throughout childhood until adolescence begins with the first Jupiter return, by which time your sexuality has already been mostly formed. The inner desires and strategies, the way you handle your evolving growth chemistry as you relate (or don’t) to both sexes of your age group and adults as well, all develop then. If you’re a straight arrow, it’s because that period was largely obstruction-free – and if you’re weird, it’s because you had to devise some unusual strategies to bring need in line with action, all in those formative years. And later, when you hit someone with an important planet right on your Venus/Mars midpoint, it all washes over you and you’re carried off by the familiar flood.


So watch your “point of passion” and treasure it like the hard-earned jewel that it is. Although it can be highly sexual, above all it’s your sparkle, your joie de vivre, your inner charisma that allows you to shine and take center stage while everyone looks on with approval. And when you find others with something special there, expect to share your stage with them and enjoy the play.

20 Responses to The Point Of Passion

  1. John (in Calif) says:

    Very interesting indeed! I have a question regarding locational astrology. How would I find a place where a certain degree or line on the map occurs such that Venus/Mars is on an angle? I look at locational astrology a lot, and this is just escaping me. I can see where the angles of my chart occur on a static map, so then I look for either the rising or descending line of that degree cross the degree of one of the angles?

    • matrixtownley says:

      That sounds about right. Matrix’s Winstar’s map section has a little pointer that can either give longitude and latitude or the Asc and MC. Move that around and wherever it shows the degree of your Venus/Mars, that’s the place. Or, just draw a line exactly between your Venus and Mars lines. Their newer Horizons program actually has midpoint lines that will do that for you…mine goes right over New York City, which is why it’s hard to get too far from the place for very long…!

    • Ciara says:

      I looked up parts of the world where my Venus/Mars fall on the angles, and some of the most far-flung places that I would never even have considered visiting showed up! They’re (V&M on the AC line running straight through Rio de Janeiro, but I remember shuddering to myself when my friend was telling me horror stories about that place months ago! Seriously. :-/ He was telling me that between 1978 and 2000, 49,900 people were killed in Rio. :-O I’m sure it’s a beautiful country otherwise, but I would be wary of stopping by with my Mars being rendered angular in that area!!

      Other bizarre (in my head, anyway, so forgive my ignorance) places denoting the same locational angularity of those planets were Iraq, Russia, and Ethiopia! In Ethiopia, my V+M sit on the MC line straight through Mount Kilimanjaro! Woah. I suppose that means I could get my kicks out of ascending that gigantic mountain… yeah, like, after three arduous months of angst, altitude sickness and tears, I’ll reach the summit! But, my God, I’d be far more concerned about the descent. I don’t mind climbing to great heights in anything – I just can’t stand the return downwards because I *have* to look at everything below me, aarrghh! No offence to the man, but you can’t exactly do a Stevie Wonder number on your way down, so to speak. Yeah, so maybe I’ll venture out to Ethiopia one day…

      As for Russia… Yeah, I like Russian people, their language, and their traditional culture, so why the hell not??… Iraq? Nope, no thank you… 😀

      • Ciara says:

        Honest to God, if being geographically retarded was an Olympic sport, I’m sure I would excel at it. Sorry, I’ve just realised that Mount Kilimanjaro is *not* in Ethiopia – it’s in Tanzania! And when I was saying that Rio was a beautiful country otherwise, I meant that Brazil itself was beautiful otherwise. I know Rio is a city (a huge city at that). To be fair, I’m not that dumb!! 😀

  2. Ciara says:

    Hi, :-p

    I’m just commenting on the natal Venus-Mars conjunction… I have this in Aries. I’m not sure about it being a charismatic placement but I’ve noticed that a minority of people have been very polarised in their reactions towards me- they either like me a lot or they appear to hate me. Following a sort of mental post-mortem and follow-up of why the latter has been the case, I simply think that the it stems from envy. I’m a good person but I seem to have problems maintaining friendships with girls/women and guys/men because, (a) the former can be very unfriendly towards me despite my best efforts, so avoidance on my part is the most sensible outcome, and (b) Guys/men have more interest in trying (but failing- I’m not a naive, weak-willed idiot) to get sex from me only. So, the result of all this is that I have to be very discriminate and selective in whom I choose for associations of any kind. I like to think I’m a straightforward, honest person but, sadly, that isn’t always reciprocated in others’ behaviour. If that means my life is sparse friendship-wise, then I accept that because I like my own company to a large extent anyway, and I would prefer to be valued for who I am than having to constantly defend myself from poorly justified hostility. Not everyone admires good qualities, let me say that…

    In my daily life, I attract a lot of leering and salacious comments from male passers-by, despite being a conservative (but hardly dowdy) dresser, quite skinny in build, and minding my own damn business! I think this aspect is the only feature of my chart that must be at the root of this bullsh*t, to be honest. Sure, perhaps some young women think, “Woohoo! Random dumbasses think I’m hot!”, but I find all of it degrading and, quite frankly, infuriating. I have walked down the street at night in jeans, running shoes, a long, hooded coat (with the hood up), and a cap, with my head bowed down, yet I encountered a group of (seemingly foreign) men gesturing at me and appraising me like I was a f*cking richly decorated fairy cake in a shop window!!

    I don’t know about charisma, sparkle, or blahblahblah, but I can say from experience that it’s evidently a magnet for the who’s who of The Idiot Directory. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate people- I hate people’s disrespectful behaviour. Now, if I were to retaliate against or simply react to every shred of uncouth behaviour, I would be either hoarse or my middle finger would be near-permanantly sprained. I don’t *get* what all the fuss is about concerning myself. It’s unbelievably ridiculous. Why are people so obsessed with either owning another person’s sexuality (men) or competing with it (women)? There is so much more to life than that! I hanker for the days when I was a kid (for the most part), where I was assessed in terms of what I had to offer in my personality. I don’t know what makes me such a target for inane attention nowadays because I’m not some statuesque, cosmetically-altered, blonde, caked-with-make-up bimbo who struts around the place like she’s the cat’s miaow.

    If my birth time is to be believed, my chart ruler and my Sun are in the 10th House conjunct the MC (in Placidean and Koch houses), so maybe that accounts for sticking out and in defying all logical definitions of what would account for someone sticking out. In any case, it’s a chronic pain in the ass. The only way to avoid any of this would either be for me to drop dead or to become a hermit, but I intend to stick around for another few decades and I don’t have the luxury of choosing a highly secluded life yet. I almost did opt for the nunhood a couple of years ago (theology was on my studies shortlist), but it p*ssed me off when I realised that nuns basically have to play second fiddle to priests.

    Anyway, I’m sorry this has been a colossal rant but I suppose the underlying point of all this is that “all that glitters is not gold”. I could easily get a man but I won’t get love out of it, which is that rare, elusive thing a lot of people seek… I could ramble on and on about my experience living with this goddamn aspect but I realise that reading someone’s musings gets as boring as queuing in a bank on a busy weekday.

    By the way, I checked out the charts of most of today’s top entertainers and most of them don’t have Venus-Mars conjunctions. Take, for example, Robert Pattinson, who’s the **hottest** man I have seen for quite a while – he doesn’t have any such aspect. Madonna, Beyonce, Lady GaGa, Brangelina, Christian Bale, Zac Efron, and innumerable others – ditto.

    I must figure out how to work this midpoint thing now. Interesting… 🙂

  3. matrixtownley says:

    Thumbnail sketches of some of the celebrities with Venus-Mars conjunction, from part of which I personally wrote:
    Al Pacino
    Uma Thurman
    George Tenet
    Tina Fey
    Naomi Campbell
    Hugh Laurie
    Carly Simon
    Merv Griffin
    Davide Spade
    Sandra Bullock
    Holly Berry

  4. Chaim says:

    Re charismatic Venus-Mars conjunction, don’t forget Hitler — 16 Taurus in 7th.

  5. Aaron says:

    Manchester United soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo has Venus conjunction Mars. Also singer Marina Diamandis of Marina and The Diamonds –,hollywood_1.htm. She’s pretty hot.

    Ronaldo doesn’t do too badly with picking up women.

  6. matrixtownley says:

    There’s always a sparkle, even when it’s a librarian…q.v. Laura Bush…

  7. Diane says:

    I know this post is over two years old but I felt like adding my own 2 cents.. Ciara, although your post made me laugh, I do understand your frustration because I have the conjunction in Aries as well and I face the same b.s.

    Using Placidus, mine (and neither Venus nor Mars are my chart ruler) is in the 11th house but, because my birth time is accurate, I have my doubts about that house system. I have noticed repeatedly that I tend to attract more hassle in public anytime transiting Venus and/or Mars are in a cardinal sign and make a ptolemic aspect to my V&M (and Venus only quintiles my ascendant natally). This makes me think Equal House, which places the conjunction in the 10th, might be more accurate..

    All my life, how I look has been given disproportionate importance by others – whether it’s to criticize me, stare at me, make observations about me, or compliment me. It varies widely. I often wonder whether people have anything notable going on in their minds at all that they need to expend so much energy observing other people. How frickin’ sad.

    What’s even sadder is that I even consulted a cosmetic surgeon a couple months ago and asked him what could be done to make me look more ‘normal’. His reply was that all my features were proportionate, and that I apparently fit this ratio called ‘the angle of beauty’ or ‘golden triangle’ – it’s like an upside-down triangle that encompasses the ‘ideal’ distance between the eyes, cheekbones and chin.

    So maybe it all boils down to facial symmetry in the end? Unless you look like Shrek, people could be staring because your face is quite symmetrical.

    Either way, screw it all – you can only fully experience and appreciate life from the inside out – and, as Judge Judy said, “Beauty fades, dumb is forever.”

  8. matrixtownley says:

    Wish we had a picture for illustration! BTW, you might try Koch houses, see if that readjusts your inner house cusps to fit your reality…

  9. LibraLady says:

    Interesting post…. I have natal Moon and Uranus exactly on my Ven/Mar midpoint and my ASC is about 3 deg from the Ven/Mar midpoint. When I was younger, I attracted a fair amount of attention from men and now that I’m older, I still do although less often. What else should I make of Moon on my Ven/Mar?

    • matrixtownley says:

      This puts your desires (and your ability to charm people as well) right up front, your heart is on your sleeve, as they say. And with Uranus there as well, it’s electric and to some a little unsettling (though likely challenging). To get involved with you means getting riled up (in either the good or bad way, depending on the rest of the chemistry), so you’re at once a stimulatingly attractive challenge or (to some) or a seductive threat. Play it however you think it suits you best, on a case by case basis…

      • LibraLady says:

        Wow… I feel so vulnerable all of a sudden! Everything you said is right on. I’ve had several men imply (and act) in such a way as to avoid me because it was the only way they wouldn’t be “tempted” so to speak. This has caused me much pain and frustration in many cases. Thanks so much for your insight! It was illuminating (blinding actually) to say the least.

  10. uhanepono says:

    I have mars/venus midpoint @29 scorpio and I have met few people (that I have gotten to know long enough to know their birth data) in my life with that degree prominent. I do know there are writers and artists I have heard of that have influenced me deeply that have that degree prominent. That degree sits just shy of my 12th house. I have a strong bond with a man but it is not a sexual or passionate one. We are, rather, very devoted and supportive dharma siblings of a sort. When progressed venus came over that degree for the first time I did have a life changing meditation experience of total union that has stayed with me as a sort of background setting to all other experiences. Venus is again passing over that point progressed retrograde and more intense experiences are happening. This time progressed jupiter is trining this point @ 29 cancer and I am having out of body experiences and other “unified self” experiences. mars/venus on the 12th house cusp may manifest this way?

    • No reason why not…it’s a point of passion in the sense that it activates/energies whatever you have a passion for/about. To that extent, it serves as contact for the muse, so to speak…

  11. LibraLady says:

    Since my last post, I’ve had T. Neptune pass over my Ven/Mar midpoint (which also happens to correspond to my Moon & Uranus). If you recall, we’ve also had a couple of Solar Eclipses at 00Mut – so guess what? My Ven/Mar was activated. Result of all this cosmic activity? I started taking ballroom dance lessons! It kind of all happened by accident (completely unplanned – more like the Universe had this planned for ME all along and I just fell into it!) What’s even freakier is that my teacher’s natal Sun-Ven (conj) and Jup falls right on my Moon, Ura and Ven/Mar! To say that he ignites my passion for dancing would be an understatement. He’s actually re-ignited my passion for life in general! My whole life has changed dramatically as a result of meeting him. He’s married – so the relationship is strictly a friendship and professional but if he wasn’t, I could see how easily it could be more. We just really LIKE each other and we get along like an old married couple.

  12. […] the Sun/Moon midpoint (sometimes called the “Karmic Ascendant”) or the Venus/Mars midpoint (the “Point Of Passion” ). Both reek of something greater than yourself, a feeling you’re together a part of a connected, […]

  13. ty says:

    hello I have Sun conjunct my Venus Mars midpoint and eros square my Venus Mars midpoint. Both under 0. 30 Could you help me understand what this significant would the Eros square signify a problem with my erotic nature?

    • Sun at that point tends to make for folks who are in love with themselves, in a good way ;-)…the Venus-Mars comes out in the central personality, just being you and reveling in it. I wouldn’t worry about any small asteroid square (conjunction might be a bit more meaningful). Esp. a near-Earth one with an orbit that’s doesn’t give it much of an even, reinforcing repetition all around. After a certain size, it’s just space junk, even if we’ve actually landed on it, like Eros…!

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