Stop Sign!

Mars is what makes you go – the planet of energy, force, the accelerator. Like the gas pedal. So how much more perfect could the current, expanding recall of Toyotas for defective gas pedals, during Mars (accelerator) in Leo (reigning car company) possibly be?
In our AstroCocktail December editorial at we warned that several weeks of totally no retrograde planets in a locomotive chart led by Mars, followed by Mars going retro, would be the equivalent of a train wreck led by the locomotive itself derailing, a la the Wreck of the Old ’97. Well, we watched it go down in Congress (health care), a terrible quake in Haiti, and now this almost-humorous automotive manifestation (funny only if it’s not your car that’s wrecked or you own a Toyota or Toyota stocks). And now, we’re in that prolonged period of continuing Mars failure that will make this coming Valentine’s Day, despite its highly-affectionate new Moon/Jupiter/Venus conjunction, more spiritual love than physical passion, even if you double your dose of Viagra.
In general, this biennial tidal period of retreat for Mars is a frustrating time for go-getters and tends to blunt the spear of aggression and even simple assertion. It’s generally a bad time for starting a war (unless you have very limited objectives), perhaps why it characterizes most of the Arab-Israeli wars. It’s a much better time for picking up the pieces of earlier thrusts and redirecting the next forward movement with previous mistakes close in mind. You don’t want to do it like that again, do you? America particularly needs this advice, because its progressed Mars has just gone retro and will remain so for another eighty years. More here…
So, for the moment, don’t go, just stop (unless you’re driving a Prius, which can’t), regroup – then, like the planet, start to pick up speed again after you’ve figured out what went wrong. Right now, we’re just clearing the crash site and installing new gas pedals. But best do a good job, as Jupiter is rushing through Pisces at breakneck speed, almost under the radar, and when it hits Uranus and Aries in the late spring, you’d better be able to pick up speed with confidence and decisiveness, in a world of surprises, as the final Saturn-Pluto-Uranus shootout in the sky commences…

Superbowl Update: Only a few days later, yet another hilarious Mars retro manifestation. A blitz of blatantly hostile, intentionally sexist, “I’ve-lost-my-manhood” commercials dominated the usually-amusing advertising. Get over it guys, don’t get so bent out of shape — Mars retro won’t last forever…

5 Responses to Stop Sign!

  1. Hi from Bavaria,

    perfect description of marsR. Quite funny, I discovered that MarsR in the progressif chart of the states ( very near the Saturn/Sun square on top of it…) some weeks ago and was wondering what would happend to the Great offensife in southern Afghanistan – well it turned out that the “city” they took with 10.000 soldiers – was nothing but a few agrecultural houses of farmers :o)hihi.

    I found your blog “coincidentely” today ( Jupiter/Uranus conjunct at the very end of taurus in my chart) and will follow it with great pleasure.

    Kind thougts


  2. John Townley says:

    Mars going retro recently in the U.S. chart (whichever one you choose, as long as it’s somewhere near July 4, 1776) has been a big deal, indeed, marking our outward limits of the inclination to expand. More comments on that from four years ago here: which still applies. Indeed, we reached the shadow point in 1945 at the end of WWII, and the rest has been, in effect, vanity…


  3. Hihi John – you are so funny: “as long as it’s somewhere near July 4, 1776″….
    I met with astrology in 1977 (Uranus Transit in conjunction to natal MC)and never stoped beeing happy to learn more about: The “shadow point” reminds me of ‘Lord of the rings’… I go straigt to the link to read more about

    thank you, John, for informing me


  4. Here I am again – quite baffled – specially when I saw the Mordor picture. Strange coincidence following my spontan thougt…
    But please, have merci – eaven if Velasquez paintet them… those two pictures for starters, not one, but two of them, are really shocking and I think a lot of readers run away as fast as they can – before having eaven the slightest chance to read those rich insights you give present.
    I have a lot to think now, specially how to “roll with” – Pluto is arround my ascendent allready for quite some time. Was a good and clear information, thank you.


  5. Sorry – it was not the Velasquez, that frightend me, it was the one from Goya: Saturn eating his children…
    Quite interesting: when progressiv Mars went over Saturn in the US Chart in 1975 – happend the probably most humiliating scenes in the history of the US Army – they had to run away from the northvietnamese Army marching into Saigon by surprise.

    And the “black out” (as I call Mercury retrograde meeting the sun on his way back) happend in 2003 in the US chart… Irak.
    I wish the US to get a philosopher or a Poet as next President – high time to meditate – and clean up the Sun-Jupiter conjunction to let it shine.

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