Hidden Visions, Winding Road

In the speedy world of astro-blogs, where everyone has to have something to say every day about something – anything – astrological, I wonder how many writers are coming from newly-acquainted, instant-gratification space and how many from a lifelong, visionary dedication to the art. It would seem the former get most of the attention and the latter (who don’t publish so often) get the back seat, to the general degradation of the subject.

Some of us have travelled a long and too-undocumented road to get where we are, often hiding the visions that brought us here, for reasons of modesty or risk to other professional endeavors, and it’s time we spoke up, as it’s getting late in the game for this little progress. I’ve just done so in a tripartite, multimedia effort at www.astrococktail.com/astrologerstale.html and I hope it will encourage others to reveal how they got here as well. Go look, and listen. In my case, the path led through the 1960s experience of sex, drugs, and rock and roll, but done with extreme care and repeated analysis every step of the way. I achieved a lot then, more later, and there is yet more to be done while life still remains.

The issues of who we are, how it’s all put together, and what to do with it are still the first page on everyone’s book, but we still await something newly meaningful to say about it. Starting from a background in science, history, and the classics, I’ve had first-hand experience with strange phenomena ranging from reincarnation to spirits from the beyond and more, along with a career full of truly needy astrological clients looking for explanations of things they can’t quite put together, either. Now, with the wolf at too many doors and diminishing returns from our former, lesser options (across several generations), it might be a good idea to regroup and say what we have experienced about the immediacy of life – what we have learned, what we live and die with, and what’s next.

What are your hidden visions that you haven’t revealed, or didn’t pursue? What are you going to do about them before you waste the windows you were given and they slam shut? It’s not just an individual issue, it’s about agreement, consensus, and a way forward. It’s not all wasted — not yet — but too soon, if we don’t speak up… What say you?


2 Responses to Hidden Visions, Winding Road

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  2. Lynn says:

    My head has been spinning like crazy for just over a year now with all of the intense push from the planets to get 3D issues resolved…on every level. Just when I get to a point of having peeled another layer back and let it go, five more layers expose themselves! Trying to stay in balance through all of these intense issues in my world, and I do take full responsibility for be-ing here right now in all of these full blown circumstances of drama…ahh, the final release! step back and watch…that part is actually relatively easy, it has been the intense “astrological workshop” over the past ten years, plus, that have led up to these current and next two years of phenomenal planetary assistance, as well as “calling us out” on our remaining personal issues…all while we attempt to keep from getting run over by the panicked crowds and “the system”. Interesting times we live in. One thing for sure, I am game and I am preparing!
    love your web

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