Comes To Mind…

missingpiecesLanguage is critical to observation and vice versa, in so many ways. Most particularly, we tend to notice only those things we have words or phrases for, and those we don’t often escape us, despite being right in front of our eyes, even an important part of the picture. It’s a daily, forward-moving occurrence – someone coins a phrase for some phenomenon, and suddenly a door opens and you notice it all over the place and wonder where it was hiding all these years. A missing piece you didn’t know was missing.


A good example is Saturn chasing Moon chasing Saturn, subject of this blog on 3/30/09. As soon as I re-noticed that old chestnut, it started turning up as currently important in all kinds of charts of friends, family, and clients alike. I’m sure you’ve had the same experience, part of the general principle that things come in clusters, not in equal random distribution. That may itself be an actual attraction principle in the world of information as Paul Kammerer suggested, not just synchronicity, or it could be a passing planetary transit herding like things together. After all, most of the people you’ve known share degree areas with you, don’t they? And, there are some degrees you rarely see, and not accidently they are the ones not prominent in your own chart. If you haven’t noticed that, look back over the charts you’ve collected. They often look like they condensed around you, which is why I have suggested you can rectify your chart not just by events but by the degree areas of the people you associate with.


Sometimes those “Aha!” moments happen just looking at your own chart and finding an obvious explanation staring you in the face that you never noticed (or properly understood) for years. One of them is the dreaded “mysterious degree,” one particular degree that just keeps popping up in important event charts or relationships that effect you or people you deal with but don’t seem to be explained by any of your own planets, midpoints, Arabic parts, even hypothetical planets. Do you have one (or more)? Odds on, if you’ve had your eyes open, you do.


For years, I was chasing down 7 and 23 of Libra (and slightly less so their Aries opposites), which were always turning up, like there were some critical bodies hanging in there, but there just weren’t. Then it finally dawned on me, when I made the larger connection with Lagrange points and how important they must be to astrology in general, since they are perhaps the most critical resonance points in every orbit in the solar system. Points L4 and L5 are the only absolutely stable points happening around any planet, so they should be important indeed. In astrological terms, they are the lowly sextile, not much heralded in most texts you read. Yet there they were, the sextiles to both my Moon and Sun, right at those degrees. Better go check them out yourself, you might be surprised how foundational they are to your chart without your having noticed it, simply because you really weren’t looking in the most obvious place.


What else are we missing, that’s staring us in the face? You never know – particularly if there isn’t a proper word or phrase for it yet, or it’s simply been misplaced – until it comes to mind…

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