Incendiary Prospects

Night IED explosion at
Nighttime IED explosion

It’s that time again, when combined hothead planets Mars and Uranus get together in the sky for a pulse that often lays out the future geography of the next two years’ troubles, at least those that the two jointly cover, of sudden and tumultuous kinds: eruptions, explosions, wars, earthquakes, firestorms, tidal waves, and other scary events often a favorite subject for our art. To reduce the story to blog-entry size:


The longitude where the exact conjunction is overhead, at the Midheaven, is said to be the most prone to such awesome effects, with a track record of Hiroshima, the Indonesian tsunami, and hurricane Katrina falling right in to the pattern, along with a host of wars and rumors of war over recent decades. The last one was over the Middle East, which was a foregone conclusion, anyway. The next one is over Western Europe, however, which could be troublesome, indeed. For the full-length skinny on that subject and its history, complete with maps, see


It’s not just about mundane astrology, affecting nations and continents, it’s also personal. If you’ve got anything in your chart around 24 Pisces (it happens April 15, 6 PM EDT), it’s a good idea to stay out of the way of potential accidents on the several days around it. The Mars transit is bad enough itself (managed to fall off a ladder this last time to the Ascendant, despite giving it fairly wide berth), but add Uranus, and it can be high-impact, indeed. Some years ago I had a client who was a reformed hit man. I told him to lay low that week, but he didn’t, and I got a call from the New Jersey homicide division only a few days later, who had found my card on his executed body. You can read his grim tale at


So, times are chaotic enough right now without inadvertently stepping on any mines that might be avoided. Tell your friends, family, and clients to walk with care – and your foes, well, double-dare them to take a risk!…na zdrowie, and we really mean it…there are three solid months of very sexciting Venus-Mars conjunctions you’ll want to stick around for, right afterwards…

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