St. Stephen’s out of Christmas comes

The evening of this St. Stephen’s Day (December 26) sees a shift from a tense lunar T-square with the fractious Saturn-Uranus opposition on to the first new Moon conjunct Pluto in dead-early Capricorn in centuries, joined by Mars changing into Capricorn as well, a heavy-duty dark of the Moon if ever there were one. And, as everyone else has been saying, astrologically and otherwise, it’s the heart of another paradigm shift, another regrouping after failed illusions and expectations make us doubt the compacts we thought we’d made with the sky above and the earth below. Maybe so, maybe no. But it’s Christmas Eve, and ‘tis the season, so here’s a reflection, originally part of my very first e-card, long ago when the Net was young…


St. Stephen’s out of Christmas comes

The Lamb of God unshod in all but

Slippers that in dead of winter run

The gamut of the oft-repeated song

Only the strong recall

The fall of lesser leanings

History’s gleanings to a single thread

A final shred unfolds the thought

That aught can know impelled into the only note

The instrument is trained to play

And to this day

The sacrifice is bought

By trades once taught

Before exchanges still resounding

Made accounting far beyond our ken

The choice of men is still mankind

But now and then upon the wind

Remains an echo of that first repast

When Christmas and St. Stephen’s

In an evening

By the Lamb were cast.


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